Wednesday, 30 January 2013

"There's only one London." False: there are at least 20.

So I was wondering the other day, how big is the biggest London compared to the smallest London? The answer is that London, England is 140,931 times bigger than London, West Virginia. The chart above demonstrates this, along with the relative populations of all the other Londons I could find population data on.

Note that I found references to yet more Londons: New London, Indiana, New London, Maryland, London, Burgundy and New London, PEI are all apparently out there, but with elusive population counts. Please let me know if you know the population of any of these Londons. There are also a bunch of townships with London in the name, which I have not counted here. I also left out London Mills, Illinois, population 447 as of 2000.

A note on the numbers: I used the most recent available census result or estimate available for each of the Londons. I used metropolitan areas where available. For East London, I found all sorts of different numbers ranging from 135,500 to 1.4 million. The 880,000 I used is from here, which is apparently the city's own website.


  1. You also forgot London, Ontario - which is a pretty sizable city in Canada. :)

  2. There's also New London, Wisconsin. Population 7,295.

    1. Thanks, I think it's in there though, the third biggest blue one

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